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Under the cover of Christmas, the Scottish Executive released a document which could prove to be one of the greatest threats to freedom in education in Scotland for many years.

Circular number 10, "Guidance on the Circumstances in which parents may choose to educate their children at home", was released on 27th December, its arrival heralded by a fanfare of silence. The document had been sanctioned by the Scottish Parliament with the intention of ensuring local councils did not unreasonably withhold or delay consent to home educate to parents withdrawing children from school.

Instead the Executive has released a document which will cause great harm to home educating families, particularly those with unsympathetic councils biased against home education - the very group the guidance was supposed to protect.

Home Educators in Scotland are calling for the guidance to be scrapped, and replaced with new legislation to bring the law into line with England and Wales, where deregstration can take place simply by confirming the intention to home educate in writing.

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